Iguazú Falls: A Spiritual Adventure


Traveling away from the volunteer house on the weekends is the norm for most volunteers. A 22 hour bus ride from the volunteer house awaited one of the most surreal sights in the world. Iguazú Falls is located on the boarder of Argentina and Brazil, and is home to the grandest groupings of waterfalls on the planet. With each new path stood a sight greater than the last. Me and four friends decided to save the grandest of the waterfalls for last and walking towards the falls I could hear the sounds of the water crashing down the falls. When I finally saw the strength of the water pushing its way past itself into a gorge where it all came together I had to stop walking. The sight seen in the waterfalls was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. The fact that God blessed our world with a place this magnificent was astounding. I have never seen so much strength, yet so much beauty come together in one place. For me the waterfall symbolized the Lord himself. With so much beauty to offer the world people came from all corners of the globe to witness it, yet with so much power that given the opportunity it could have complete control of a person given they step off the paved path.

God works in the same way. He is grace and He is beauty. Everything good comes from God. Standing in His presence I am mystified and blown away by His depths of graciousness and His ability to leave me speechless. Yet He contains power beyond belief and ultimately has complete control at all times.

Never before in my life have I witnessed a power so grand. So unattainable by man. I took my pictures and my videos, but then I allowed myself to be in the presence of this blessing and took the time to thank God for every opportunity that led me to witness such a beautiful creation He left for us on this Earth.

Here is a couple pictures of my journey.


Isa 45:12 “It is I who made the earth and created mankind on it. My own hards stretched out the heavens; I marshaled their starry hosts.”


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