Argentina: Exploring Villa Allende and the Volunteers


This week was full of exploration. We explored the town square, we explored our placements, and we explored the minds of those whom we’d met traveling. Villa Allende is a quaint area outside of Córdoba, yet still seems to hum with excitement. There is a constant stream of children playing in the fields, dogs galavanting through the streets, and taxis whipping through the smallest of alleyways.

You would never believe the connections you make with people when living in a house together and exploring a new country together. The wifi is so slow most nights it’s not worth connecting, and with that, you make connections that are worth so much more. Day after day I learn new things pertaining to different people and their lives. I learn new things about culture from not only Argentina, but also the rest of the world from where the other volunteers hail from.

With only 4 days under my belt I’ve met the greatest of friends and learned so much about each and every one of them. There was 21 volunteers in the house this past week and watching a few of the volunteers leave this week already caused a bit of heartache, but I’m thankful for meeting them at all. 



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  1. Have fun in my mother land, love ! 🙂 ❤

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    1. mlee234 says:

      You live in a beautiful place!


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