Planes, Passports, etc.–Argentina 2016


During my Spring Break I truly had to buckle down and get my affairs in order. I finally went and had my passport renewed (it expires in 5 days). This was super important because I didn’t want to pay an expiditing fee because of my own incompetence in ordering it soon enough! 

I fly out of Denver, CO on May 21st (the day after my birthday… Yay!) around 3 in the afternoon! I fly to Texas, from Texas to Chile, and from Chile to Argentina! I will arrive in Córdoba on May 22nd and will start my orientation on the following day. I opened a frequent fliers account because I know after this trip I’m going to have a serious travel bug! 

I printed out a list of vaccinations I need to make sure I get. I also need to figure out the visa situation in Argentina. Luckily, Argentina and the United States have just come into an agreement which suspended the resiprocity fee for United States citizens when they enter into Argentina! This means one less additional cost for me to worry about. 

I am so incredibly excited! The countdown has started, and I have less than 60 days til take off!



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