I Ran a Half-Marathon!!


It finally happened. After the endless training and attempts to control my nutrition, I was able to cross the finish line after running 13.1 miles! Can I be honest and say I don’t remember much of the race? I don’t really remember listening to my music nor do I remember thinking about much of anything, but here are a couple of thoughts I do remember running through my mind:

Mile 1- OMG I’m actually doing this. Woah I’m keeping up with people. Huh I kinda figured I’d come in last, but look I’m passing people!

Mile 2- (Nope I don’t remember)

Mile 3 (had just entered the zoo)- There’s a leopard! I bet that leopard is judging how fast I’m going right now. Ohhhh flamingos! Oh that guy in the blue has really defined calves (I start laughing because I realize he’s rapping under his breath).

Mile 4- Water station. Water station.

Mile 5 (neighborhood of old architecture) – Oh that one has pink flowers. I love that walkway. If I move to Denver, this is where I’m living. Well in like 30 years, when I’m rich enough to afford like one brick in one of these houses. Remember that street name. Remember that street name!

Mile 6- I have to go to the bathroom so bad. Like so bad. Ugh. There’s the bathroom. The line is so long, I will not wait in that line. Plus if I stop my legs might fall off. Okay I’ll just grab some more water. Aim for the trashcan, aim for the trashcan, aim for the trashcan. I made it in the trashcan, wow I’m a champion.

Mile 7- What was the name of that street name? Monroe? Mistel? Missssomething. Dangit.

Mile 8 (going through the fire department)- This is neat. Dang who is that. A high five? Yes, please. Alright I’m encouraged for the next 5 miles.

Mile 9- An energy gel? Never had one. Alright let’s do it. How do you open one of these dang things. Ohhhh it’s like puddingy what the heck, definitely not what I expected. But really good ugh. Now I’m thirsty. Is that a taco shop? And a cafe? Why would they have us run past these places… How insensitive.

Mile 10- You only have 3 miles left. Omg you’re actually going to do this. WOWWW.

Mile 11 (firefighter calendar guys)- Holy crap 3 shirtless firefighters. I’m smiling, omg stop  smiling, you are such a dork. I am such a dork. Is he talking to me?? He talked to me. Girl, you look dead right now, you’ve ran 11 miles, don’t worry he was just being nice.

Mile 12- ONE MORE.

Mile 13- You are so close. This is the longest mile ever. Is that the finish line?? No. Is that the finish line? No. WHERE IS IT?

Mile 13.1- This is it!! Go! Go! Go!!!!

FINISH LINE- What is happening? Is that a medal? That says 26.2, wait I didn’t work hard enough for that one!! Oh.. Oh there’s the 13.1, okay it’s all good. Water? No, I don’t have any money. Oh, just take one? Okay. So much food. My hands are full. Like really full. That must be why everyone has bags. Just start eating, then your hands will be less full.

Well turns out while writing I remembered more than I thought! When I hit the finish line I was pretty disoriented as you can tell, but there was so much happening! But what awesome people. Those who volunteered to help with the race were all so encouraging and helpful and accommodating! I loved every second of it! Can’t wait to run another one 🙂

Thanks to everyone who read my training updates!!

Chasing Realization,


“Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” -Hebrews 12:1


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