Remember Yourself

Last week I hit a wall. I wasn’t excited about anything. I didn’t have motivation, didn’t have drive; I couldn’t remember the importance of my days. I prayed every night for a hint of excitement to enter my life, so I would be pulled from the rut I was in.

It was Friday evening I was given the opportunity to road trip to Vegas with two guys I didn’t know (I knew their mother, it was safe haha). My mom and their mom were going to a wedding. I jumped on it. The next morning they picked me up and welcomed me with open arms. They were fun and sarcastic and genuine human beings. I felt completely at ease and ready to be away for the weekend.

We aren’t 21 so we spent our nights roaming the strip, being whoever we wanted to be. The fun in meeting new people is you can be exactly who you are with no one to tell you otherwise. I went shopping, ate fancy meals, and made new friends. 

Sometimes all you need is to forget your day-to-day self long enough to remember who you are and who you’re going to be.

I know what’s important, and I remember where I’m going. 

Keep on chasing realization,



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