13.1 Miles in the Making: WEEK 4/5


It has been a crazy couple of weeks! The first of which I had Spring Break and the second I spent all of my time crazily preparing for the various tests and assignments given in the first week back. The main reason why these weeks have been combined is because I didn’t set aside the time to do it the week before.


Week 4

Tuesday-5 mile hike to the National Monument

Wednesday-4 miles

Friday-7 miles in Moab, Utah! (Created a short vlog from this trip which I will post when it is edited!)

Week 5

Tuesday- 2 miles

Thursday-2 miles

Saturday- Today was supposed to be my 8 mile day, but I decided to take an inpromptu trip to Vegas. This 5th week has been an off week for me, obviously. I was very busy with school and didn’t have enough daylight to get in the miles I needed. 

Hoping for a slower week next week so I can get in a more sufficient number of miles!



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  1. I would love to be able to run around national parks! I did my first half when I was in grad school it was the hardest to try and get runs in since I was so busy with school and was always so tired! Keep it up!! Ps love your blog all your posts are fun reads!

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    1. mlee234 says:

      Awww thank you! Yeah finding the time is half the battle!

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  2. Katie says:

    I wish I lived somewhere cool to run! I did my first half when I was in grad school. It was so hard to find the time to get a run in with all the work and being so tired. Keep it up! Ps love your blog all your posts are fun reads!!!


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