13.1 Miles in the Making: Week 3!

We have finally made it to Spring Breakkkkk! Woohoo! So much time for activities. So last week I made sure to drink water much more often (which was my goal) so I am happy in that regard. My workouts were slightly more spread out which was nice because I felt like I wasn’t losing the progress just as quickly as I was making it.

Running Workouts:

Tuesday: One mile sprint workouts.

Wednesday: 4 miles.

Saturday: 6 miles. (This run was amazing. I felt like I could go on forever and my speed picked up considerably. I ran my fastest mile at 9:07.)

Colorado is the home to endless trails and parks so there is always a new place to run. In my town there is one trail which goes for 30miles around the valley so I am lucky enough to have beautiful scenery with every run. When looking at mountains on all sides it makes running a lot more entertaining!!

For this spring break my goal is to go running and hiking. Since I have the time I might as well get a jump on my training for the future weeks. I plan to work on my turnover during runs, especially the shorter ones, to try and increase my speed to help me get race-ready!

Wish me luck!






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  1. Tifness says:

    woo, well done on running 13.1 miles! I’m a fitness blogger on here too! http://www.tifness.com


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