13.1 Miles in the Making: Week 2

So just a quick post because my homework load is especially over-the-top on this fine Sunday evening, but it was a pretty successful week. I did marginally better with my water intake nearing the end of the week, but I still have a lot of work to do if I expect to feel a difference in hydration. My workouts were especially sporadic this week because of school projects and work schedule, but everything I planned to incorporate I was able to so that’s a plus!

Monday- 3 miles.

Friday-2.5 miles.

Saturday-5 miles. (actually felt really great! Slight knee pain and still major numbness in my feet but a beautiful day nonetheless!)

Nutrition-Pretty spot on. Lacking hydration but keeping that as my goal for this coming week! Just excited for another week of training and hopefully a more consistent schedule such as Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or something more of that nature. Have a great week everyone!


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  1. lexilife says:

    I always lack in hydration it’s so bad. I think I’m gonna join you on that one being my goal for the week/life! You look great! x


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    1. mlee234 says:

      Thank you! And yes it’s so important yet for some reason it’s a hard habit to get into!

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