13.1 Miles in the Making: WEEK 1

I made it through my first formal week of training for my half-marathon! Well I don’t know if I’d call it formal since it’s just me running but nevertheless I made it through! So like I touched in in my last post I am not a great runner, not even close, so when I speak about my progress the amazing runners might be like ‘girrrrrl you got some work to dooo’ but truth be told I’m already pretty impressed with myself! Here is what my week looked like!

Monday-Ran 3 miles. Walked for 5 min at the end of the second mile. (I felt like dying as dramatic as that sounds)

Thursday-Ran 2 miles. Ran all. (Felt tired, yet accomplished.)

Saturday- Ran 4 miles. Ran all. (Felt proud and motivated; my feet went numb though?) This was my long run of the week, and I ran down a trail where I had great views of the mountains.

The other days I did alternating ab and arm workouts.

As far as eating goes I focused on packing food for the school and work day. I also put an emphasis on eating something for breakfast (something I usually skip) so that I would have more energy going into the day! I’m still drinking a pretty large amount of coffee, but my goal for next week is to incorporate a greater amount of water into my diet. I tend to go the whole day without drinking water only to have one or two glasses when I get home. The intense amount of caffeine that I intake in combination with the lack of water in my system leads to dehydration and headaches during my day. I have also noticed my skin being increasingly dry and hope that an increase of water will reverse that.

I’ll be back next week with another update! Wish me luck!


Psalm 27: 14 “Wait on the Lord: Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart…”


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