Goals for Semester II of Pre-Med

imageI did a lot of things right last semester; yet I seemed to do quite a few things wrong. So here we go. New semester, new chances, and new classes; let’s do it!

  1. Wake up an hour before you have to go to school.
  2. Review the notes for the day BEFORE you go to class.
  3. Go to more school events.
  4. Work less.
  5. Give more when volunteering.
  6. Don’t be nervous to talk to professors when you need help; take ownership of your grades.
  7. Don’t sell yourself short–Expect A’s in your classes.
  8. Work on Spanish every single day and do each exercise so you are readily prepared. Remember it is a GIFT to be able to speak another language and a BLESSING to be able to learn from another culture.
  9. Give your all in labs. Try and find opportunities to get more involved.
  10. Be content with being single and use your free time to better yourself.
    1. Run more.
    2. Blog more.
    3. Do yoga.
    4. Try kickboxing.
    5. Eat well.
    6. Attend more church events in addition to Sundays.
    7. Make new friends… Good friends, good people, people with goals and with positive outlooks on life.
    8. Don’t participate in bad college habits.
    9. Keep your morals.
    10. Pray more, read more, be more thankful.
  11. Decide where you want to go to volunteer.
  12. Make contacts in your field.



One Comment Add yours

  1. mandarq says:

    Your goals sound a lot like mine. Good luck! 🙂


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