The Power of Flying

It’s not that I’ve never flown before. I have many a times but that doesn’t discount the fact that every time is a new excitement and a new experience. Flying over the mountains is quite the experience, a birds eye view on some of the worlds most amazing landscape. Thousands of planes leave the ground each day with the purpose of getting individuals from one point in the world to another and what a miraculous experience to be able to partake in.

Some people close the window, close their eyes, and wait to descend. What a waste. First off if I’m spending $500 on a plane ticket you can be sure that I’m going to get something out of it. But on a real note what an amazing way to change your perception of the world. To realize the vastness of the atmosphere and to see the intricacy of the world. Seeing the minutiae of each car, each person on the ground, gives you a greater understanding of the lack of importance of everyday annoyances. 

There is so much world and so many people occupying it that if your everyday problems are taking up too much of your life with worry then maybe it’s time to change up your world. Do something different, meet someone different, take advantage of the incredible world around and live everyday realizing the beauty of the universe. Chasing realization.

It’s time to land until we jump on the next plane down to Mexico and I’m not missing this😝.



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