Running.. Do it for you.

A while back the thought entered my mind that I should run a half marathon. I’ve always enjoyed running, but mentally I was never really strong enough to do it. I could make it 2 miles before I would give up. I never told anyone about my goal because it seemed ridiculous and I don’t think I ever truly believed I could do it. The other day I woke up and wanted to run. My car was broke down so I had no way of getting around so I put my friends address in my google maps and saw that it was 8 miles. I laughed at myself but then became stubborn as I geared up and walked outside into the cold. Ha I was actually gonna try this; if anything I could call someone to pick me up. I started jogging and suddenly 1 mile, 2 miles, 3. And I was amazed, I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sore, I was laughing! I loved that I was actually doing something that I never thought possible. I came over the top of the hill and saw a view of the city and in the distance stood the hospital, the tallest building. Suddenly I saw the world of possibilities ahead and the run became so much more. I could do ANYTHING I set my mind too, and that became more and more aparent as mile 4,5, and 6 went by. I was still smiling, thinking, enjoying the world and the music in my ears. At mile 6 my ankles went numb so I took that chance to stop under a bridge over-looking the mountains, rub circulation back into my lower appendages and take a photo of the brilliant world around me. I started up again with 2 miles ahead of me and suddenly the two miles that I had trouble running before seemed a mere distance where I was sad for my adventure to end. Mile 7 gone and with one mile left I couldn’t stop smiling and with the last half mile I danced all the way to my end point. I threw my hands in the air and skipped and sprinted and sung the songs that rung out in my ears. I was proud of myself and that’s something that takes a lot. I have increasingly high standards for myself but in that moment I was more impressed with myself than ever. Through that I realized that one day I will run a half marathon and who knows, why stop half way when I could go the full distance?✌🏽️

Chasing realization. (And maybe someday catching it?😉)



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