Opposing the Opposition

Being a pre-med student comes with constant negativity. I can’t count the amount of time that I’ve spent trying to defend my decision to a friend or parent or spent time trying to assure them that I have the means necessary in order to meet this goal that I’ve set in place for myself. I don’t get discouraged when hitting these walls of skepticism brought about by the outside world; but I do get angry. I get frustrated and defensive and hostile, and I want to ask them what gives them the right to make an assumption about my ability to achieve my goals? Because, frankly, I know that I will achieve my goal and their lack of support and confidence only encourages me more and more to prove everyone wrong.

Coming from a no-where-town it’s not the easiest thing to break the mold. Coming from a one income family that had never seen a great amount of success until my mother came along and tried her best to change our outlook on life; it’s hard to prove to people that you have what it takes to be the change that people want to see in the world. It’s hard and the constant mocking from on-lookers sometimes drags me down to a place where I myself don’t believe it to be possible. But then I get over it. I realize that there is a reason why this need to help people has been placed on my heart and why I have been gifted with the skills necessary to get there. I am meant to be pre-med, I am meant to be the change in the world that people wish for everyday, I am meant to make a difference.

Medicine is my calling. I’ve been sure of it since a very young age and my mind has never been swayed. If it wasn’t meant to be then I wouldn’t be challenged by the enemy of the outside world telling me it’s not possible. The devil uses forces around us to try and push and tear at you until you yourself feels as though you can’t make a difference. But the Voice of Truth tells us that that is not true. He tells us to keep pushing forward and to resist the lies coming from the enemy. He reminds us to continue chasing our goals and in turn chase realization.



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