Blissful Mornings

Sitting next to the window this Saturday morning watching the first leaves of Autumn fall from the treetops I realize the blessings in my life. I have a warm cup of coffee sitting next to me on the table with the sunshine spilling in through the glass panes. My best friends mom coming in at random intervals to make small talk about the weather, her job, and photography taken by her husband.

This morning I asked her about one photo hanging up in her living room, one that I had never noticed until today. It was a simplistic photo, the quality of the focus being unlike many I had seen before, of an old man fishing off of a canoue. Come to find out her husband, who works in the oil industry, had taken the picture while he was in Italy traveling for his job. She then went on to show me an array of photos he had taken whilst oversees and seeing the history and the culture from these photos was mesmerizing to say the least.

Pictures showing different parts of the world and snapshots of other people’s lives have the ability to stop my heart for a brief second. They take you out of your body and for a second you have the capability to picture yourself in the exact moment of the person who is in the picture. To wonder. To wonder what they were seeing, hearing, feeling. To comtemplate what was going through their minds and what worries they were dwelling on. A photograph has the capability to put the world on hold. To draw your attention and make you realize the vastness of the Earth we call home. It helps to diminish the severity of our issues  as we see a snipit of the oblivion in which we would normally be guilty of ignoring. The endless opportunities available and ahead in this journey of our lives

So sitting here on a Saturday morning, leaves falling, coffee warm,  and an open mind in place. I am ready to take on the world again. I am ready to chase realization.



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