Let’s be picky.

As I’m lying in bed right now contemplating the ups and downs in my weekend and secretly judging myself for my mistakes I try to look at where they all arose from. At night girls get lonely. It’s a proven fact. When you get lonely your standards lower and the person that you would’ve first described as “alright” turns into “good enough.” But let’s be honest the next day “good enough” is someone that you from then on friend zone or stray away from on campus with obvious purpose.

So from now on its official. I’m making a conscience effort to be picky. To not lower my standards based on the night, boredom, or circumstance, but rather to stick to my list of necessities for a man to posses before I deem him acceptable to talk to in a flirtatious way. There is a surplus of guys in a University, but let’s be honest, the competency of these men is below average for the most part, and their level of respect for women seems to diminish as the days go by.

My mom constantly tells me, wait until med school. This I understand and completely agree with because if you want to meet a young, successful man that would be the place to look. But, when boredom sets in and you see the oodles of happy couples caravanting around campus being all adorable and full of life it persuades the aforementioned lowering of standards and therefore a decreased happiness because the guy that you lowered your standards for will be around all of the time and not just when you’re bored. At this time you’ll then realize that your standards aren’t set in place to be rude and judgemental of the masses but rather to save them from your constant annoyance of their inability to be everything you’ll look for in them on the daily.

So rather than put yourself through the regret of lowering your standards because of loneliness and boredom, let’s put forth a conscience effort to not only be selective but rather to be picky. To set standards and ensure that any guy that you give the time of day romantically meets these standards from the beginning. (The prospect of their ability to meet these standards in the future doesn’t count either. But that’s for another post entirely.) Look at us, chasing realization.


“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”–Psalm 37:4 NIV



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